Popcorn Program Calendar 2021
  • June: Register for the sale at
  • August 1st: Take Order and Online Sales open
  • August 19th: Show and Sell/Delivery Order Due in Trails End System
  • August 28th: District Popcorn Draft
  • September 11th: Show and Deliver: Neighborhood wagon sales begin
  • September 18th: Show and Sale Begin: Booth sales
  • October 24th: Last day for in-person sales – booth, wagon, and take order
  • October 31st: Final Day!
  • Last day for prize eligibility, unit to unit transfers, track scout sales, return to council request
  • November 1st: Take order due in Trails End System
  • November 17th: Popcorn distribution day for Take Order
  • November 30th: Unit Payments Due

Online Sales

Register your scout at Trails End to start selling popcorn today.
Each scout must have their own account
All sales will be logged through the Trails End System



Capitol Area Council Bonus Prizes

Who is eligible: All Scouts who sell popcorn during the 2021 season. Levels are cumulative and are calculated
using sales tracked in Trail’s End through the app or online by October 31st. Prize level eligibility is determined by
individual tracked sales. Multiple Scouts on the same account will be not be eligible for council bonus prizes.


      • Dollar amount tracked in Trail’s End app and Online Prize


    • $650 – Capitol Area Council Logo Belt
    • $1,800 – Light my Fire Bio Meal Kit and Salt and Pepper Plus
    • $4,500 – Jetboil cooking system – or Scouts may choose $75 in
      Council Cash to be used for camps, registration, or CAC
      Scout Shop
    • $9,000 – Details Coming Soon


    Trails End Prizes

    Prizes start at 500 points see flyer below
    Trails End Prize