2022 Camporee

Camporee Returns

Hello Sacred Springs!

What is Camporee?

Camporee is a fun competition for all Scouts. It is an opportunity for your unit to demonstrate skills, meet Scouts from other units, and reach advancement goals. Patrols earn points based on completing activities, showing Scout Spirit, passing campsite inspections, and more.

When and Where?

Date: April 8-10, 2022

Time: Starts April 8th 5P – Ends April 10th 11A

Location: Camp Green Dickson
Co Rd 354, Shiner, TX 77984

Activities/Rotation Skills

Exact rotation activities will be given out during the SPL & Scoutmaster briefing. Again, the skills needed for the competition are scout skills:

Knots such as a square knot, sheet bend, sheepshank, two half hitch, taut-line, bowline, clove hitch, and timber hitch.

  • Totin’Chip skills
  • First Aid
  • Lashings
  • Fire building and starting
  • Backpacking prep
  • Cooking & sanitation
  • Tent set up
  • Orienteering & using a compass
  • Leave No Trace principles
  • Scout trivia

General game and activities rule

Good Sportsmanship is expected at all times. Penalty points will be assessed for infractions. Dressing as the beasts of your patrol is encouraged!


Register for Camporee 

Online Registration: scoutingevent.com/564-sscamporee

  • Cost: $10 per participant
  • Registration is open to all Scouts BSA, Venture Crews, and Scouters for the entire weekend. Please have your unit’s roster of attendees when registering.
  • Registration includes access to all events, cracker barrel both nights, and a camporee patch.
  • Campsites are assigned in the order of registration.
Camping Rules
  • Above ground, campfires are permitted as long as there is no fire ban in place but leave no trace rules apply, so plan accordingly
  • Electronic music devices should be kept silent at all times.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs are prohibited.
  • Guns Fireworks, bow, and arrows, illegal weapons are prohibited
  • Pets should be left at home
  • The buddy system will be in effect at all times
  • Closed-toed shoes are required at all time
Day of Event

Check-in Procedure

Check-in will be from 5 pm-8 pm Friday night. An updated roster and health forms (A and B) will be required at check-in so we know who is in camp. If a scout or Scouter plans on arriving late or leaving early they will have to check-in or out with the camp director before heading to camp or leaving. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.


All vehicles must be parked in the designated area at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS! We want Camporee to feel like a camp so we do not want cars parked by the campsites. We will allow 30 min in/out for loading and unloading gear. Each troop will be given (1) one pass for troop trailers to stay in the campsites.


Once all units have been accounted for and in their assigned bivouac areas, we will have a SPL and Scoutmaster briefing. At the briefing, we will discuss and explain rotation activities, assign program and service patrols as well as discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the day’s events.


Each troop is expected to provide a minimum of 2 volunteers for the day, and an extra volunteer for each patrol.  (Large troops will need to plan to offer more volunteers for Saturday itself to serve as competition judges.)


All meals will be provided by the patrols, 2 hours will be given on the schedule for each mealtime to ensure proper cleanliness.

Lost and Found

A lost and found station will be located at the First Aid Station.


Please note that EVERY patrol must have its own handwashing station.  Adults count a patrol for this.  Handwashing stations must have three bins with water.  One with soap, one just water, and one with a small amount of bleach.  Proper handwashing includes a dunk in the bleach water, and 20 seconds of vigorous handshaking – not of other people’s hands.  Just shake your own! Also, all water should be changed three times a day.

Check-Out Procedures

The camporee staff will be at the headquarters for check-out. Remember a Scout is clean, so please police your campsite and leave it better than when you arrived. Take trash with you. When your unit passes Campsite Check-Out Inspection, you will receive your Camporee Patches.


Please contact Karen Gallus – Sacred Springs Program Vice-Chair